Steroid bottlesSteroids are artificial compounds that mimic the human hormone testosterone. The anabolic type are oral steroids that build –, while androgenic steroids are those that increase masculine characteristics. This naturally occurring hormone helps the development of masculine features, including development of muscle. Initially artificial steroids were developed to get over deficiencies in testosterone, and it is only then that it was noticed that they also helped to build bones and muscles. That is when athletes and sportsmen started using them for increasing body mass and performance. Many sports associations considered their use as illegal, and there have been many instances where sports persons have been banned from competition, when the use of steroids was detected.

Anabolic steroids are considered illegal because they have side effects that can cause a lot of harm to the body. They can cause hormonal problems, lead to uncontrolled anger and toxicity in the liver. You feel the need for steroids when you want to work out and ensure muscle build up. Fortunately the best legal steroids on the market do not even require prescriptions and are a good replacement for these steroids. Even so, it is always better to take medical advice before you start on any cycle of steroids, so that you do take the correct dosage. Wrong dosages can lead to sterility, kidney problems, liver cancer and heart disease.

One such alternative to steroids is mesobolin and is a combination of two anabolic steroids, one of which is derived from plant sources. This plant product stimulates the synthesis of protein and does it much more quickly. There are other alternatives like Tridenosen which is not an anabolic steroid and actually helps to increase the production of natural hormones. Its main component ATP or adenosine triphosphate gives a lot of cellular energy and protein synthesis.

Doctors often prescribe steroids for burns, cancer and anemia. It has also been helpful in the treatment of many other diseases and can be of great help to reduce inflammation from injuries. Steroids can be addictive, and when taken must be limited and discontinued. That is the reason that even body builders who use steroids that are legal, prefer to do so in cycles with sufficient gaps, so that the body does not get used to the abnormal enhancement of muscle and mass.

Athletes and other bodybuilders who have taken steroids for long periods of time can find that there body gets used to them and requires them to become addicted to the steroids to maintain their physique. Quite often, when they realize this vicious cycle of dependence they do try to wean themselves from the habit. This is best done under medical guidance, if permanent results are to be obtained.

Gains in muscle and body mass can be sustained just as easily if a proper regime of exercise and proper bodybuilding diet is constantly maintained. This can be better than taking steroids, even if they are best in the market, and legally available. Take steroids only after being fully informed of the consequences they will have on your body, and you are willing to face them.

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